Payment options on the website:
 Cash or traveller cheques at the end of each tour (Euros and USD), no deposit or credit card info required;
 Prepay with credit card, the transaction will be in US dollars, th rate of exchange applied is an average of the best current rates.
Payment options on demand:
we have a “Paypal” button to make payments with Paypal accounts and American Express credit cards.

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The prices listed on the website include the fee for the vehicle. Tickets to the sites are not included, you can build up your own tour with or without admissions. Food is not included. Taxes (Value Add Tax 10%) is not included in the prices shown on the website and when you choose the “paypal payment” our paypal system automatically adds this 10% to the final price. If you choose the “cash payment” option you can tip the driver as much as you want.

Yes you can! Send us an email and we would help you to customize it as you like.

That map shows you exactly where the Unescu sites are located in our country. There are more than 300 World Heritage Sites all over the world and 47 out of these 300 are in Italy! We want to let everybody know that there is more to see in Italy than what meets the eye.

We drive you where big buses can’t! We leave the city before the big buses do it, so it is impossible to miss the ship! If you divide the price of the tour for each person you would see that it is incredibly cheaper than the bus tour sold by cruise companies. We show you around more places than bus tours do. We do not drive you to shops where you are forced to stay for hours and buy souvenirs, this is something that “bus tours” do because they get commissions! We drive you around the beauties of Italy and we stop where you want us to stop. We skip tourst traps especially when it comes to food, we want you to enjoy the places where locals go, no tourist menu or frozen food, only genuine local products.

Yes the Vatican guide is extremely helpful, informative and entertaining, plus he/she helps you to find shortcuts and not to get lost.
This service is made only for you, you ask, we suggest, you choose!